About us


Manufacturing and exporting all kinds of handicraft products made from natural materials in Chuongmy Province, Hanoi, Vietnam with many traditional craftvillages nearby.

Our business lines: 

1, Bamboo products: Bamboo basket, bamboo tray, bamboo plate, bamboo mat, bamboo bowl, bamboo box, bamboo tablemat, bamboo trunk, bamboo vase, bamboo bag, bamboo furniture, bamboo curtain, bamboo flower pot, bamboo planter pot…. 

2, Bamboo pressed products: Bamboo pressed bowl, bamboo pressed tray, bamboo pressed plate, bamboo pressed tablemat, bamboo pressed vase, bamboo pressed box….

3, Bamboo lacquer products: Bamboo lacquer bowl, bamboo lacquer tray, bamboo lacquer plate, bamboo lacquer tablemat, bamboo lacquer vase, bamboo lacquer box….

4, Rattan products: Rattan basket, rattan tray, rattan plate, rattan mat, rattan bowl, rattan box, rattan tablemat, rattan trunk, rattan vase, rattan bag, rattan furniture, rattan flower pot , rattan planter pot…. 

5, Fern products: Fern basket, fern tray, fern plate, fern bowl, fern box, fern trunk, fern vase, fern planter pot, fern flower pot…

6, Sea-grass products: Sea-grass doormat, sea-grass carpet, sea-grass mat, sea-grass tablemat, sea-grass beachmat, sea-grass trunk, sea-grass box, sea-grass bag, sea-grass basket, sea-grass furniture, …

7,Water-hyacinth products:  Water-hyacinh bag, water-hyacinth basket, water-hyacinth trunk, water-hyacinth box, water-hyacinth furniture,…..

8, Banana leaf products: Banana leaf bag, banana leaf basket, banana leaf trunk, banana leaf box, banana leaf furniture,…..

9, Palm leaf products: Palm leaf hat ……

10, Wooden products: Wooden tray, wooden plate, wooden box, wooden basket ….

Being making craft products since 1985, D&C Co.,ltd have started exporting directly since 2009. 

We have collections with unique designs in many several materials such as Bamboo, bamboo pressed, bamboo lacquer, rattan, fern, seagrass, water-hyacinth, palm leaf, banana leaf, jute and wooden...Some collections are a very clever combination of various materials.

You can easily select collections based on your style or if the designs have not satisfied you yet, we are pleased to make your own designs become real products with the cheapest price you can find

Our offices is located in Hanoi center. You can visit us at our factory in Phunghia industry area, it takes 50 minutes from Hanoi center.

Our customers are from many countries with more than 30 importers. Our products are now accepted widely at biggest markets like Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Japan, Korea, USA , Argentina and Brazil.

On the page you can find the link to our gallery of products. This is just a small part of our products, if you find it interesting, please send us an email, we are very pleased to send you our ebook or real samples.

For further information please turn to next pages. And for more details kindly contact us as following address: 

D&C Manufacturing Handicraft Co.,Ltd 

Office: Floor2, No28/131 ThaiHa Str, Hanoi City, Vietnam
            Tel: +84-24-35379370  Fax:+84-24-35379371

Sales manager - Vice director: Mr Dee Nguyen
Mail: mrdee@bamboobasket.vn
Skype1: dee.nguyen171
Whatsapp: +84-0983884266

Factory: Phunghia industrial area, Chuongmy Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 84-24-3537-9370    Fax: 84-24-3537-9371